LUSH Mini Haul

So in the midst of me going on a crazy shopping spree in Riley Rose, I noticed LUSH was few stores down. Of course, me being impulsive, I immediately went into LUSH. So I never bought products from LUSH because they’re on the pricey side. BUT IT’S ALL GOOD because today, my sense of judgement was nowhere to be found LOOOL. I was always interested and wanted to try out their bath bomb since LUSH is known for that. Unfortunately, my bathtub is super gross… okay it’s not overwhelmingly gross but I remember my pipes getting clogged and let’s just say I saw unpleasant things floating in there. So because of that trauma, I never take a bath in that bathtub. But anyways, I was  curious about the cleansers because some of my friends used them and they had pretty positive things to say about it.

So I looked around and a salesperson approached me asking if I need any help. I asked her what’s their best selling cleansers and she said “Mask of Magnaminty” and I believe the second one was “Dark Angels“. I also bought “Angels on Bare Skin” and honestly, I don’t know why I even bought that. Like I said, my sense of judgement (if I even have one in the first place LOL) was gone and I swear I heard my wallet screaming. But of course, I ignored the desperate pleas from my wallet and went up to the cashier to make my purchase. I bought the mini versions of the cleansers because I wasn’t able to afford the bigger versions. I mean if I like one of the cleanser, I might purchase the bigger one later on.

I was sad that I wasn’t able to buy bath bombs but it’s all good. Two more months from now, I’ll be moving to LA and my apartment will have a pristine clean bathtub for me to relax in. My goal is to try each and every bath bomb in LUSH… Actually, maybe not. I don’t want to encourage myself more unhealthy shopping habits. BUT THOSE BATH BOMBS LOOK BOMB THOOO. Ugh I’m so torn…

Anyhoo~ I will also do in-depth reviews of the cleansers so look forward to them!


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