Glow Recipe Mini Haul

Sigh… All these beauty products are piling up in my room and I’m low-key getting scared and overwhelmed LOL. My mom saw my beauty stash and she asked me if I was going to open my own beauty shop HAHAHA. I don’t know how beauty gurus do it. They must have a separate room to store all their beauty products because I’m pretty sure they have a lot. Like A LOOOT. I’ve been wanting to post up my reviews on each individual beauty product but my lazy ass wouldn’t budge. But I’m back! I know I said I was going to review the products I got from my previous hauls… but I have more hauls so I’m just going to wait for my last 2 beauty boxes to come and then I’ll start cranking out reviews. But today, I wanted to share my Glow Recipe mini haul!

So I first came across Glow Recipe while trying to find other online Korean beauty retailers. They have a lot of brands such as Whamisa, Leegeehaam,, etc. that I never heard of which makes it more exciting to try them out. However, the products that they offer are more on the pricier side such as $30 to $60. So if you’re more experienced in Korean beauty and want to venture out, I think this is the perfect website to check out.

Anyways, I went into that site with a goal in my mind. I was on the hunt to find matcha/green tea based products because I wanted to start a series where I try certain products such as matcha, oat, rice, etc products and give my take on the products if they’re worth it or not. I wanted to start with matcha because I FRIGGIN LOVE MATCHA. Anything that says matcha I would instantly buy it. Which of course, I do regret later on if they don’t meet my expectations… such as Pie Hole’s matcha pie (don’t get it… it tastes nothing like matcha at all. It’s just pure sugar… OOWEK). Anyways, so I bought two matcha based products that I could find in the Glow Recipe site.


The first is Leegeehaam’s Grow Matcha Clay Pack. I’ve been wanting to get this but it was out of stock so as soon as I received an email saying it’s restocked, I snatched it up. I really like how simple and clean the packaging is. Their motto is “beauty is clever”… At least, that’s what I think it is since that’s written on the side of the box. It contains 3.88 oz amount of the mask which is okay for the price (it costs $20). The mask comes with a small spatula which is always a plus! Anyways, it’s a muted pastel green color and the consistency is thick and creamy. It doesn’t smell anything like matcha at all. It has a more citrus scent that’s borderline sour but not too much.

The second product I bought was Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Moisturizer. I was in need for a morning/day moisturizer since all my other moisturizers are all heavy and thick to wear for daytime. What annoyed me about this product was its packaging. It has a textured green package so it’s difficult to see the text on the box. They should have gone with white type to make it more legible but moving on. Except for the packaging, I really like the moisturizer. Of course, I’ll do a more in-depth review of this product but first impression, it’s very light on the skin and it doesn’t feel tacky at all. Okay, I do wish it had more product inside. It’s 1.69 fl oz for $25 which in my opinion, it’s a tiny bit pricy but it’s fine.

The third product is Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask Sets of 2. Since it’s complete random and you can’t choose which mask you want, I received the lavender and the charcoal. I know this has nothing to do with matcha but I just wanted to make it to free shipping so I added these in my cart LOL. But also, I saw these few years back and I wanted to try it but never got a chance until now. So on Glow Recipe site, the Lavender “contains essential antioxidants to help cleanse and combat environmental  pollutants. Leaves skin more even toned, moisturized and radiant.” The charcoal “deep cleanses pores, lifts away impurities and soothes irritated skin.” I’m kind of excited to use this mask since it would be my first time using a rubber mask.

I received 3 small samples with my purchase: 2 Blithe Patting Splash Mask – Soothing Green Tea and Leegeehaam Tea Tree 90 Essence. I saw that Blithe Patting Splash Mask has the Glow Game Changer sticker so I’m really curious to see if this product is good. But I saw the direction and it gets kind of confusing? Well not confusing but I would say it’s more of a new method of using a mask? Because on the site, it says “A new innovation in masks called ‘splash masks’ – add to water, splash onto face and pat in for instantly softer, smoother skin and glowing, supple appearance.” It sounds like it’s going to be messy but hey, if the product matches well with my skin, I think it could be well worth it.
LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence “soothes and hydrates sensitive, irritated and troubled skin.” It contains tea tree oil which is great for fighting acne. But both the Blithe and LJH products are really pricey. They are in the $40 to $50 range but I appreciate how Glow Recipe sent me small samples of the expensive products. Most times I get samples from low price products which of course doesn’t mean they suck but I think it’s nice to get some boujee samples LOL.

Anyhoo~ since I’ve already used the Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Moisturizer already, I’ll be posting a review soon! Also I’m planning to buy Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask and the Blueberry Cleanser but that’s not going to happen until the second part of the year because like I said, I have way too much products piling up in my room. More specifically, they’re piled up on my desk. I can’t see my desk anymore HAHAHA. But I will try to be more active on my reviews!



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