Beyond the Streets

Hey guys! So this post is going to be way different compared to the other posts because I’m going to start documenting my travel and adventures. Thought this would bring a fresh breath of air into my blog and also gives you a glimpse of the LA art scene. If you don’t live in LA… man, I wish you could come and experience the LA life. Yes, traffic is horrible but honestly, bad traffic is everywhere and you can’t avoid it. But let’s not focus on that LOL. One of the most awesome things about LA is their art scene. There are a lot of great art museums here such as The Broad, LACMA, MOCA, etc. Since LA is a melting pot of culture, there are so many art and design that spans through different culture.

So this past Memorial Day weekend, I went to two art galleries. The first one was Beyond the Streets and it’s a 2 month art gallery that showcases graffiti and street art. The gallery was curated and organized by Roger Gastman, who organized the Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2011 “Art in the Streets”. The meaning behind the gallery name is he’s bringing street arts outside and beyond the streets. The gallery is featuring works from artists such as Shepard Fairey, Lady Pink, Guerrilla Girls, and many more.

Here’s an article about Beyond the Streets and the goal behind this art gallery.

While it showcases graffiti and street art, there are installations that are “Instagram worthy”. I mean I hate saying that but in this time and age, an “Instagram worthy” places are on top of everybody’s mind LOL. Sigh. But anyways, I enjoyed checking out the art in this gallery. There was a lot of interesting artwork and installation especially the Cosmic Cavern.

0004_Layer-Comp-5.png“Cosmic Cavern” by Kenny Scharf

When you first enter the Cosmic Cavern, you get a visual explosion of neon and glow in the dark colors. It features pieces of discarded items that the artists painted with glow in the dark paints. It was definitely an interesting experience. Here’s a video of what the installation looks like here. It’s not the exact installation from Beyond the Streets but it’s the same installation series from Kenny Scharf.

0001_Layer-Comp-2.png“OMG PLZ DON’T EAT ME!!!”

0000_Layer-Comp-1.png“Bruuuh why am I a hotdog? What is life?”

IMG_20180526_132610.jpgPuppets and paintings by Paul Insect

I really liked Paul Insect’s puppets especially the donut and the hotdog. They both looked like they were in disbelief that they are food and they realize they might get eaten any second now LOOOL. His puppets were featured in Dismaland, a dystopian theme park art gallery in UK created by Banksy.

IMG_20180526_131858.jpg“America Is For Dreamers” by Patrick Martinez

PhotoGrid_1527621175084.jpgHere’s a bonus pic of me trying to be sexy on the pole dance LOL am I sexy now

Beyond the Streets is going on until July 6, 2018 so if you’re in the LA area, you should definitely check it out! Unfortunately there’s no parking structure but you’ll be able to find street parking few blocks down. You can buy tickets here.


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