[Info & Unboxing] PinkSeoul PLUS May 2018

Sooo my first subscription box came! It took me 8 years to finally subscribe to a subscription box HAHAHA. I remember when subscription boxes became popular 7 years back and all these various subscription boxes started popping left and right. Birchbox was the OG in the subscription box world, launching their first box back in 2010. I always wanted to try a subscription box myself but never got a chance to because I was low-key worried that I might not like the products that are sent to me. But I think that’s the fun part. You don’t know what you’re going to get so it’s definitely going to be a surprise. I mean I kinda like surprise… a tiny bit LOL. 

Anyways, fast forward to 2018, I subscribed to PinkSeoul, Bomibox, Beauteque Monthly, and Beauty in Hanguk. I know… you guys might be thinking this chick is crazy. Four subscription boxes all in one time?! I’m with ya guys LOL I know I am crazy. In my past blog posts, I already said I’m impulsive BUT I’m not going to continue with all four subscriptions though. After I receive all of them, I’m going to see which one is worth continuing and which one I should drop based on the products that are sent to me. I’m most likely going to continue with two subscription boxes but we’ll see.


Image and info from PinkSeoul 

Background: So a little background on PinkSeoul, they are a curated subscription and specialty box service that aims to provide “a less intimidating and informational experience to the dynamic world of K-beauty, at a great value.” Their boxes are customized based on your skin type and skin concerns. All of their products are full-sized since their goal is not for you to try samples and buy full products but to provide you with a full size product you can incorporate into your skincare routine. They deliver bi-monthly (every 2 months), except for the mask boxes, since they deliver 4 full sized products and wants to give you a chance to breathe without bombarding you with new products every month. PinkSeoul also has an online store if you want to get individual korean beauty products. 

They have 3 different subscription box type:

  • PinkSeoul Box
    • $39.95/every 2 months (retail value over $60)
    • Comes with 4 full-sized products and an accessory item
    • Past subscriptions: here
  • PinkSeoul PLUS 
    • $49.95/every 2 months (retail value over $80)
    • Recommended for 35+ years old  
    • Comes with 4 full-sized products and an accessory item
    • Past subscriptions: here 
  • PinkSeoul MASK
    • $29.95/monthly
    • 10 beauty masks and an accessory item
    • Past subscriptions: here

Packaging: It’s a brown box with pink heart patterns all over it. Nothing fancy. 

Product Info: Each box comes with an information card that explains each product and the retail price. 

Billing Info: They ship their boxes on the 25th of every other month. Your subscription will automatically renew and you will be automatically billed every 2 months 7 days prior to your box shipment date. Since their boxes are delivered bi-monthly, if you signed up in April, you will get your box in May. If you signed up in May, then you’ll get your box in June. May and June boxes contain the same products, the only difference is the shipping date is different.

The great thing about PinkSeoul is you can skip shipments if you have too many products to go through.  

Shipping: PinkSeoul provides free shipping anywhere in US including Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. More info about shipping in other countries here.

Coupons: I used BLACK20 and got $10 off my first box. There’s also another code I found MSA10 and you get 10% off your first box. On PinkSeoul IG, they have a coupon code PINK10 for 10% off your first box. Hopefully, the codes work for you!



ANYHOO onto the unboxing! Sorry for the long background info but I thought it would be helpful for you guys to know the background of PinkSeoul. So I purchased the PinkSeoul PLUS because you either go big or go home LOL. On the purchase form, I filled out combination for skin type, light for skin color, and pores as my focus area. The items that I received have a retail value of $74. At least that’s what they say on the info card. Let’s see if the retail value reflects true.

  • Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band
    • This is the accessory item of the May box.
    • Retail value of $5 | Average retail: $5
    • Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled to receive this item since I already bought one from Yesstyle for $4.36.
  • Holika Holika 92% Aloe Shower Gel
    • Retail value of $12 | Average online retail: $11
    • “A refreshing shower gel to prepare you for the summer. Hydrating and refreshing at the same time.”
    • I love aloe since it’s soothing and hydrating on the skin so excited to use this.
  • Manyo Factory Blemish Lab Proxyl 5% AHA Cream
    • Retail value of $23 | Average online retail: $23
    • “Appropriate for all skin types, this cream contains natural AHA to help with pigmentation, irritation, dryness, and acne. This cream helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and provide hydration at the same time.
    • I have a lot of pigmentation and dark spots on my skin so let’s see if this helps reduce the spot colors.
  • Tony Moly Bunny Facial Mist
    • Retail value of $15 | Average online retail: $11.67
    • “Facial mists are great for a quick hydration boost…”
    • Okay, I’m not really into cute packaging. I think I’m way past that stage of seeing cute packaging and immediately buying the product. I always try to avoid Tony Moly since it’s a mainstream beauty brand and I’m way familiar with it. Also I don’t really use facial mist cuz I’m a lazy butt. Yes, so lazy even to the point where I can’t even lift my finger LOL.
  • The Saem Snail Gold Bar
    • Retail value of $11 | Average online retail: $9.45
    • “Mild skin soap containing 24K gold and snail mucin to soften and moisturize skin.”
    • This caught my eye as soon as I opened the box. I mean it’s a huge gold block and it’s really reflective too. I’ve been slowly exploring snail mucin so I’m curious how this product does. Also it has 24K gold and it better make me feel expensive LOOOL jks.
  • Missha Triple Eyeshadow No. 6 Marsala Red
    • Retail value of $8 | Average online retail: $6.38
    • The eyeshadow has a triple shimmery combination of peach, pink, and mauve.
    • I’m not really into makeup since I suck so I was less enthusiastic when I received this product. I might just give it away to my friend who knows how to do makeup and I’m confident she’ll make good use of it.

Conclusion: The value of the box, based on the info card, comes to $74. However ,if I based it on average prices from online, the box is about $66.5. Eh, it’s not impressive. You pay $50 for the subscription only to have about $15 difference. Also, a lot of the products I received are from brands that I’m already familiar with such as Missha, The Saem, Tonymoly, etc. So the products didn’t really impress me. Since their boxes arrive every two months, it could either be a hit or miss depending on the person. For me, it’s perfectly fine since I’m semi-drowning in products. 

I mean I don’t have really high expectations for the first box but I don’t know if I’ll continue with PinkSeoul subscription. I’ll have to see the other subscription boxes to make my final decision. But yea… I bought PinkSeoul Mystery Box also LOOOL. Maybe after I receive that box, I’ll be able to know if I should keep or drop PinkSeoul. But hope you guys enjoyed the unboxing! I will give in-depth reviews of each product since I didn’t get the chance to try them yet.

  • Pros:
    • Info card contains retail price and product info
  • Cons:
    • Many of the products I’m familiar with.
    • It’s the most expensive box (well, at least so far) compared to Bomibox and Beauteque Monthly.
    • The value of the box doesn’t have a big difference with the subscription price.
  • Hit or Pass: I think after I receive my PinkSeoul Mystery Box, I’m going to cancel my subscription. For me, I want to receive products from brands I never heard of because those products aren’t easy to find. Whereas products from Tonymoly, Etude House, etc. I can basically get them easily online since they’re so accessible now. Also the retail price of the box is underwhelming for me. 


*All the information and photos (except box and product photos) are from PinkSeoul.







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    1. HAHAHA yea it might be too slow for some people. Since the box only comes with 4 full products, two months might be too long. I’m going to have other beauty boxes delivered to me soon so I’ll let you know which one is the best!

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