[Info & Unboxing] Bomibox May 2018

The next subscription box that I received was Bomibox. And let me just tell you, their box is so cute and it came in one piece. No dent whatsoever and their box design is adorable. So major kudos to them. First impression wise, I’m already liking Bomibox a lot.


Bomibox Background: Bomibox is a K-beauty subscription box that was founded by Ru. Why did she name it Bomibox? Good questions. The character “mi” from Bomi is based on the Korean word for “beauty” while “Bomi” means spring in Korean. Bomibox was first conceived in the season of spring. Their goal is to make “receiving a lucky box filled with beauty that makes you happy.”

There are two different type of subscription box/package under Bomibox.

  • Bomibox
    • $37.99/month
    • You receive 8 full sized or deluxe sample of Korean beauty products. Products include a variety of skincare, makeup or beauty tools.
    • Past subscriptions here.
  • Bomibag
    • $19.99/month
    • You receive a variety of Korean beauty samples which includes deluxe samples, travel sizes, samples, a variety of masks, foil samples or beauty tools.
    • Past subscriptions here.

“If you order before we are sold out or before the close off date which is usually the 15th of the month, you will receive the same month’s Bomibox or Bomibag. If you order after we are sold out or after the cut off date, you will receive the following month’s shipment.”

Packaging: Each month, they have a different design for the box which is super adorable.

Product Info: They used to have an information card about each product inside the box but they opted to digital info card now. Once they ship the box to you, you’ll receive an email that contains the info card. I think this is pretty convenient since you’ll be able to know ahead of time what you’re getting and also you don’t waste paper.

Unlike PinkSeoul, Bomibox doesn’t list the retail value of each product so you’ll have to search online if you’re curious about the price.

Billing Info: “You will be billed as soon as you subscribe for your first box, and then on the last day of the month, at the end of the period you selected.”

“If you selected a monthly option, you’ll be billed at the end of every month. If you selected a 3 month option, you will be billed for a total of 3 months every 3 months.”

Shipping: Bomibox ships their boxes at the end of each month. They offer free shipping in US and they also ship worldwide.

We ship out once a month, at the end of the month. Please note that your subscription may renew before you have received your Bomibox or Bomibag. If you do not want it to renew until you’ve received yours, you can login to your account and skip the renewal. If you want to unsnap, you can also do so.” (FAQ)

Coupons: I didn’t use any coupon for my first box but I found a coupon code HELLOBOMI and you save $2 off your first Bomibox or Bomibag. It might or might not work. Doesn’t hurt in trying.

May-2018.pngThe products I received in my May box:

  • Jantblanc Green Tea Balancing Emulsion
    • Green tea and herb extracts turns tired skin into soft moist skin by keeping the balance between oil and water. Includes anti-aging ingredients. Apply after toner, before moisturizer.
    • Average price online: N/A
    • I’m excited that I received this product since I’m trying to get all my hands on matcha/green tea beauty products to start a new series.
  • Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Cleansing Foam
    • This cleanser contains Jeju green tangerine which protects the skin from active oxygen. Rich in vitamin C, it helps in collagen synthesis. Jeju seawater, rich in minerals containing calcium and magnesium, moisturizes the skin.
    • Average price online: $16.77
    • This is my first time using a Goodal product so looking forward to see how well it does.
  • Tony Moly Mini Green Apple Lip Balm
    • The lightweight and creamy formula melts into lips for long lasting moisture leaving lips happy and hydrated.
    • Average price online: $10
    • All of Tony Moly packaging are cute. The lip balm is cute but I don’t really use lip balms where you have to rub your finger and apply on the lips. I like stick lip balms better.
  • Soon Jung Skin Care Trial Kit
    • Soon Jung PH 5.5 Relief Toner
      • The weakly acidic formula whose pH is similar to the skin lipid film makes the skin healthy without irrigation or stress to the skin.
    • Soon Jung 10 Free Moist Emulsion
      • Low-irritant moisturizing and relaxing emulsion that delivers moisture fast to the skin
    • Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream
      • Moisturizing cream that strengthens the skin’s resistance with protein barrier. The Cooling Relief TM ingredients relives heat from the skin that is affected by external stress
    • Soon Jung 5 Panthensoside Cica Balm
      • Improves damaged skin with 5% Panthensoside by improving the skin’s protein and protecting the skin barrier
    • Average price online: $9.33
  • Moksha Dear Orange Jam Scrub
    • This exfoliating “jam”, made with super hydrating ingredients, leaves skin soft, smooth, purified, and moisturized.
    • Average price online: $11
  • Innisfree Broccoli Sheet Mask
    • Soaked in vitamin-rich broccoli extract helps invigorate and revitalize the look of dull skin
    • Average price online: $1.75
  • Labute Honey Sheet Mask
    • This sheet face mask with honey extract is full of antioxidants to nourish and soothe dry or rough skin
    • Average price online: N/A

Conclusion: I wish they had the retail price written on the digital info card but based on the online average price, the retail value of this box is roughly around $50 to $60. It’s not bad, better than PinkSeoul PLUS retail value based on online price. It’s also a little cheaper compared to the regular PinkSeoul box.

I wish Bomibox gave more full sized products rather than samples since I don’t really use them. The products aren’t bad and I like the variety of brands I got in this box. Their box is super cute and decorative. I am a sucker for visually appealing stuff LOL. There’s a high chance I might continue with Bomibox since first, their box is adorable and second, they have interesting products. I was definitely not disappointed with my package.

  • Pros:
    • Different box design each month
    • Receive some products from brands you never heard of
    • Receive digital info card before the box arrives so you get a preview of what you’re getting
  • Cons:
    • On the pricey side
    • Info card doesn’t contain retail price
  • Hit or Miss: Honestly, they have a visually appealing box. And I always gravitate toward visually appealing products. Also, the retail price of the box is not bad compared to the subscription price. This month box’s retail value is roughly around $50 to $60, which means $20 difference. I think I’ll continue for three months to test the waters.


* All the information and photos (except box and product photos) are from Bomibox.





One thought on “[Info & Unboxing] Bomibox May 2018

  1. Hi Michelle – thank you so much for your review and for joining us as a valued member! We also take product requests so if there’s anything you’d like to see in future boxes, just pop us an email.

    Thanks again and have an amazing day!

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