We Rise Art Gallery

This past Memorial Day weekend, I went to two different art galleries. The first one is Beyond the Streets, which you could read more about here, and the second is the We Rise pop art gallery. Okay so I went to Beyond the Streets with my friend last Saturday while I went to We Rise by myself the next day. I honestly had no idea both art galleries were on the same street, just two or three blocks away from each other. If I had known I would’ve went to We Rise also with my friend on Saturday. But anyways, my coworker told me about We Rise and said I should go check it out. I wasn’t planning to go since I had to drive to LA again but I decided last minute on Sunday to go but I’m honestly glad that I went. Out of the two art galleries I went, I was able to connect with We Rise more.

We Rise is a free pop up art festival where over 150+ artists present their artworks of what mental health looks like to them and to inspire action. We Rise is a project by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health with support from the Mental Health Services Act. In the We Rise page, it says “over 50 hours of creative programming and workshops with some of the biggest names in pop culture, activism and art will issue specific and direct calls to action and our art lab will have hours of fun activities designed at improving our communities overall understanding about mental health and the care all youth deserve.”

I really enjoyed looking at each and every artwork and how artists perceive mental health. I was able to connect and really understand what the artists were trying to say and where they were coming from. I really think everyone would be able to relate with the artworks here because in some form and way, we all dealt with mental health issues. For some, it could be PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. For me, I dealt with depression and anxiety. And it’s definitely not fun trying to deal with thoughts of not wanting to be in this world anymore. Feeling worthless and hopeless. Everyday was a constant struggle to get out of bed and trying to make it through the end of the day without breaking down or getting an anxiety attack. Thankfully, it’s not as intense as before and I got a lot better. But for some, it might be the opposite and dealing with their issues are an everyday struggle.

It’s really important to discuss about mental health since it’s such a taboo subject even in America, a country where it’s one the most advanced nations in the world. We have the most advanced technology in medicine and science, yet we still lack the support and help to deal with mental illness. Also we don’t freely discuss about mental health either. If we are able to freely discuss about mental health and have the necessary support, then we would have less violence and death in this world.

We Rise has free admission and they extended their event until June 10 so if you’re ever in the LA area, I highly recommend you to check it out.


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