[Unboxing] Pinkseoul Mystery Box

Okay, I thought I was going to cancel my Pinkseoul subscription after receiving my Mystery Box but after looking at the contents inside, I’m now hesitating. UGH.


So I received this box today and I thought I knew what was going to be in the box based on a reddit post. Except for the hairband and the Nature Republic Aloe Vera cleanser, everything was different. Unfortunately, they didn’t put an info card for this box but on their site, it says the Mystery Box has “$60 worth of goodies for $35.” I’m going to base the retail prices from Pinkseoul and the average prices from other online stores.

  • Skinfood Hair Band
    • Retail Value: $7 | Average Online Value: $5.38
    • Okay, I was happy that I got a hair band because my Etude House hair band is so tight on my head that I’m worried I’m going to lose a lot of hair on my hairline. It’s obvious that I have a big head so I’m glad I’m able to use a new head band.
  • Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam
    • Retail Value: $8 | Average Online Value: $7.88
    • “The fresh gel-type cleansing gel foam effectively removes makeup residue and impurities from your skin with its rich aloe vera extract.”
    • I enjoyed using Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel so I’m looking forward to using this cleanser.
  • Huxley Secret of Sahara Cleansing Water
    • Retail Value: $30 | Average Online Value: $25.60
    • “Mi-cellar cleansing water infused with Sahara cactus extract that removes makeup, sebum and debris. This cleansing water will leave your skin more hydrated and bright.”
    • I am super excited to try this product since it will be my first time trying a Huxley product. Huxley has been on my radar after I saw the brand in Riley Rose.
  • Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum
    • Retail Value: $27 | Average Online Value: $26.06
    • “Balanced moisture and oil  serum that calms and hydrates skin. Coptis Japonica Root Extra helps with aging skin  while olive oil provides moisture without leaving your skin feeling oily. “
    • This is another product I’m excited to try. I first heard about this brand from Beauty Youtuber Meejmuse and she said the brand is really gentle and mild on the skin and that it’s great for those who have eczema or skin allergies.
  • The Face Shop Real Nature Avocado Mask
    • Retail Value: $2 | Average Online Value: $2.50
    • “The moisturizing and nourishing mask sheet with Avocado essence, rich in essential amino acids and vitamins (hence the nickname “forest butter”), provides skin with comforting moisture and rich nourishment.
    • Not a big face sheet mask fan. So I’m whatever on this face mask and the other one.
  • SNP Diamond Brightening Ampoule Sheet Mask
    • Retail Value: $3 | Average Online Value: N/A
    • “Key ingredients in this sheet mask are Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide and Diamond – great for hydrating and whitening properties.”
    • Eh on this sheet mask too.

Conclusion: So based on PinkSeoul price, the retail value of this box is $77 and if I go with average online price, it would be around $70 which isn’t bad. UGH I am TORN. I wanted to only subscribe to one subscription box which was Bomibox but now, after getting my Pinkseoul Mystery Box, I don’t know what to do. I really wanted to try Pyunkang and Huxley and now I’m able to try them because of Pinkseoul… Sigh… I think I’ll continue to stay with Pinkseoul. But only for three months and from there, I’ll judge whether I should stay or not. LOL goodbye money.

*Featured Image from Pinkseoul site


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