Crazy Cat Lady Adventure: Cat Art Show

I never thought I was a cat person. When I was younger, I thought cats looked creepy with their slit pupils and their creeper tendencies. I didn’t like them. At all. However, that all changed when I got my first cat. It was back in 2013 when I was working at Sweet Factory and I saw on my Instagram that an acquaintance of mine (my mom’s friend’s daughter) was looking for someone to take in her cat. Even though I didn’t like cats, her cat looked really adorable in the photo. For a few days, I was contemplating if I should get the cat or not. I’m the only child and I could get lonely sometimes. Also, I wanted my dad to have a pet to keep him company. So after a lot of thinking, I decided to take in the cat.

Of course, I asked my mom if we could take in the cat and I had to persuade her for days as she initally didn’t want any pets. So after my shift was over at Sweet Factory, I swung by to my acquaintance’s house and picked up the cat. When I brought the cat to my house, the first thing the cat did was made a bee line under the bed and she didn’t appear until the next day. My family named her Yangee and it’s derived from the Korean word cat (고양이 or go yangee). Now 5 years later, my mom and I are converted crazy cat ladies LOOOL. We both love watching cat videos and anything cat-related. 

Yangee was so cute then… now she’s fat and grumpy LOL

So when I heard that there was going to be a Cat Art Show in June, I immediately bought tickets to the show. This past weekend, I went to the Cat Art Show, presented by CatCon, with my mom. Little did I realize, the location of the art gallery was in a place I wouldn’t have expected. It was smack dab in the middle of DTLA’s Fashion District. And I worked in the Fashion District when I was a in my sophomore year of college and let’s just say it wasn’t fun. Traffic is always horrible and parking costs $10… Definitely not worth it.

My first impression of the art gallery was that it was really small. I thought the art gallery would be bigger but it was pretty small. There were a lot of paintings of cats and a little bit of sculptures. Honestly, it was just okay. It wasn’t outstanding but there were some art pieces that I liked. But I enjoyed how artists represent their love for cats or how they perceive cats in their own artistic ways.

After the show, my mom and I walked around the Fashion District, specifically where the fabrics were. It was so crowded especially Santee Alley, where it reminded me of the American version of Korea’s Dongdaemun. They sell all kind of stuff such as clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, makeup, and toys for a very cheap price. I wouldn’t trust the makeup though LOL. For lunch, we got a hot dog where the sausage is wrapped in bacon which was delicious and some churros. You can’t forget about churros.

Even though DTLA Fashion District sucks, their hot dogs doesn’t LOL

Overall, it was just an okay experience. Would I ever go back to Think Tank Gallery again? No, unless they showcase really cool artists or designers. But I wouldn’t go mainly because of their location. But if any of you want to check it out, the show is going on until June 24, 2018. You can buy or reserve tickets here.

I really wanted to go to CatCon but I’m going on a San Diego trip with my old college friends (visiting the Avocado Museum… if I could get my hands on tickets). But if any of you are in town or live in LA, you should definitely check out CatCon! It is an annual cat convention that takes place on August 4-5, 2018. Unfortunately, for me, I will have to attend next year 😦


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