Parkway Drive Concert + One Day Trip to San Diego

So a little known fact about me is that I listen to metal music. I know… What a shocker that a Korean girl listens to metal music LOL. There’s not a lot of Asians especially girls who listen to metalcore. It’s really rare to see an Asian at a metal concert since it’s mostly dominated by Caucasians and Latinos. So it gets a little uncomfortable when you’re waiting for the band to start and you see people staring at you. I could just imagine and hear what they’re thinking “Why is there an Asian chick here?” LOL. Funny thing is I wasn’t a metal fan at the beginning though. In fact, I hated metal music to the core. I remember riding in the passenger seat of my friend’s car and he started blasting metal music. The car was vibrating from the bass and I thought I was going to die from embarrassment. I literally tried to slouch down to the floor so I wouldn’t be seen riding in his car. Fast forward to a year later and on August 2017, I became a metal believer.

That same friend who was blasting metal music invited me to go to the Warped Tour 2017 and I was adamant on not going. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy there but he kept on insisting to go. So I said if only he buys me dinner then I’ll go to the concert and surprisingly, he agreed. He’s not usually the type to buy people dinner. Anyways, we went to the Warped Tour and I was shocked when I saw the mosh pits. People were hurling fists and pushing everyone in the circle. Long story short, I didn’t enjoy the Warped Tour, my first metal concert. BUT a week later, I started listening to metal music in hopes that it would help me relieve my anger and boredom in traffic since I was commuting to work everyday. Well surprise it did work LOL. Metal music really calmed my road rage. Now I finally understood why my friend said metal music calms him down. I know it’s such a contrast when a music so chaotic and loud can be soothing. But I highly recommend those who have road rage to start listening to metal because it does work HAHAHA. So that’s my story of how I became a metal fan.

One of the metal bands I listen to is Parkway Drive. I don’t know much about them since I’m not a die hard fan but I know that they are from Australia. They have a more intense and harder sound that I really enjoy so when I learned that they were coming to do an American tour, I was excited. They also had other bands joining them in their tour such as Polaris, The Devil Wears Prada, and August Burns Red. The lineup was pretty good so I decided to go. Trying to contain my excitement, I looked at their tour date and saw that their first tour was in San Diego so I immediately bought the ticket. But little did I know, they were going to play in Hollywood at the end of their tour. And I live in Los Angeles and the Hollywood concert was literally less than 10 miles from me. I was pissed at myself for not looking at the tour dates carefully but knowing my impatient personality, I wasn’t surprised at myself for making this mistake LOL. Sigh… I was seriously contemplating if I should drive down 150 miles to San Diego but it would seriously be a waste if I didn’t go. So I took a day off from work and drove down to San Diego to see the concert.

First, I went to Hodad’s since my coworker recommended me to check the place out whenever I’m in San Diego. I ordered their bacon hamburger with half french fries and onion rings. The burger was huge and it barely fit in my mouth so it was quite messy to eat. The french fries were honestly meh, not that impressive but the onion rings was obviously the clear winner. It was so crispy that I could hear the satisfying crunch when I bit into it. It was one of the best onion rings I’ve ever had.


Of course after any lunch requires dessert. Okay, that’s not an official rule but everyone has an extra stomach for desserts. I’ve been wanting to go to Holy Matcha Cafe after coming across photos of the place in Instagram. I’ve been going on an ongoing mission to go to all the matcha cafes that Southern California offers and Holy Matcha Cafe was my last stop. Honestly, people only go there because it’s aesthetically pleasant to go to but the drinks were subpar. I ordered a matcha latte, I believe it was the lavender one. I could barely taste the matcha and it was expensive costing around $6. But it’s expected since matcha is on the pricey side. Would I come back her again? No. But I was glad to come since I’m able to check this place off of my matcha mission.

I still had a lot of time in my hand before the concert started so I drove to Sunset Cliffs to see the ocean view. I think it’s a well-known secret and it’s a way better place to see the ocean than the La Jolla Cove so if you’re ever in the SD area, go to Sunset Cliffs. I hung around the area for 10 minutes before I left to go to Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, a small random bridge in a neighborhood. On my drive to the bridge, I came across Better Buzz Coffee which was on my Yelp list so I thought might as well check it out since I’m right there. I ordered Lavender Black Tea Buzz and it was disgustingly sweet. One sip of it and it will make you thirsty. Also, it left a really bad aftertaste in my mouth from the sugar. I was definitely not a fan of it so I threw it away. I continued my drive to the suspension bridge and it was tucked inside a small neighborhood. The bridge wasn’t amazing but I liked it since I love bridges.

It was almost time for the concert so I drove down to the venue and just chilled in my car until it was time to line up. Now mind you I was wearing a blue plaid shirt, black yoga pants, and white adidas shoes with a small red Fjallraven Kanken bag on my back. Usually when you go to metal concerts, everyone is wearing black or at least a red plaid with black Converse or Vans. So a lot of people was staring at me when I was walking towards the line. I felt very self conscious since I was the only Asian girl there and I was wearing the wrong attire LOL. I didn’t have any clean laundry so I had to wear what I had HAHAHA.

Anyways, after entering the venue, I went to the far right so I can avoid the mosh pits that usually form in the middle. Last time I was in the front middle I got round house kicked to my side and let me tell you, my side was throbbing until the next day. It’s nice avoiding the mosh pits but since I was at the far right at the front I was literally next to the speakers. By the end of the concert, I was temporarily half deaf. All the sounds were morphing into one and I couldn’t hear anything clearly. So folks, always bring ear plugs with you.

Even though my ear drums were getting wrecked, the concert was awesome! Polaris and The Devil Wears Prada was okay but August Burns Red and Parkway Drive was 110%. I don’t really listen to ABR but their stage presence was amazing so if they’re the main highlight in a tour then I’m def going to go. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay until the very end of Parkway Drive’s performances since it was getting pretty late and I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me so I bounced. But all in all, it was a great concert and I didn’t regret going.

Sorry for the low quality… my phone sucks at taking low light photos

2 thoughts on “Parkway Drive Concert + One Day Trip to San Diego

  1. I’m drinking a homemade matcha latte as I read this – made with Costco matcha and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It probably cost less than $1 to make at home! It sucks that you paid $6 and didn’t get a good drink!

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