AdJam: Sounds of Summer

When I’m not eating as a side job (I wish it was a real job though lol), I work as a junior art director/designer for an ad agency in Los Angeles. I’ve been working at my present company for more than two years now and I remember going to my very first ad event called AdJam. AdJam is an annual event where advertising agencies come together to compete and win the title of the best band. Each year they have a theme and last year’s was Adchella which was a play on Coachella. I didn’t go to last year’s but when I went to my first AdJam, I won a GoPro Hero 4 which is now on loan to my ex-director who is traveling Southeast Asia right now LOL. But anyways, this year’s theme was Sounds of Summer.

I wasn’t planning to go to AdJam but I changed my mind when I heard that my roommate was also going. Unfortunately, the only way to get free tickets was to volunteer so I agreed to lend my help for the event. My shift started at 5:30 to 8:30 so I came a bit early to help set up the tables. I was paired up with another volunteer to help the guests check into the event. I was responsible for searching up guest names but man, either I’m going deaf or the people that I checked in have really quiet voices. In some instances, I had to take my butt off the chair and lean over to hear what they were saying. I started to get tired around 7:30 pm but I was able to push through until my shift was over. Excited that my shift was over, I booked it to the escalator and went up to the venue.


As I walked into the venue, I saw hordes of people gathered at the bar area. The bartenders were frantically working hard to finish the drink orders. I was tempted to order a drink at the bar since I had a free drink card but I was the designated driver so no free drinks for me :(. Few feet ahead of me was a food table. Interested, I walked my way over to see what kind of food they had. It was just the usual like mac and cheese, corn dogs, chicken tender sliders, etc. Nothing too fancy. I grabbed my food and walked over to the most pit area.


At the mosh pit area, I saw people waving their balloon sticks and cheering for their coworkers who were playing in the band. There were about five or six bands playing and competing for the winning title. I continued to eat while listening to one band who was playing some kind of hill billy song LOL. There were judges who gave feedbacks and critiques on how they played. Since I’m into heavier sounds and the bands were playing covers of genres other than rock and metal, my interest to stay longer at the event disappeared. I started to look around for my roommate since I wanted to leave and she was going home with me. I was able to track her down and she had all these glow in the dark necklaces around her neck. She was waving her glow in the dark rings around like she was in some kind of rave and asked if I wanted one. I said no LOL. Then we took off to our trip back home.


Honestly, AdJam is not my kind of event. Like I said, I just went there for my roommate. I know it’s a chance to network but as I was standing there and listening to the bands playing, I really wished I was in a metal concert HAHAHA. But it wasn’t a bad night and I enjoyed the event somewhat.


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