A Restless Night Full of Snoring: Wi Spa

Currently, it’s 2:35 am and I’m at Wi Spa writing this blog entry. Why am I not sleeping right now? Good question. There’s this particular old geezer who won’t stop choking and snoring while he’s sleeping. I tried countless times to go back to sleep but his watery choke-snoring woke me up each friggin time… I swear if I have a husband who snores I won’t hold myself back and I’m just going to plug his nose and cover his mouth. And if he continues to snore then he’s going to get kicked out of the bedroom and will spend the rest of his nights at the living room. Honestly, I just want to go home but I can’t because my house is currently being treated with termite fumigation. The termites kicked my family out and we’re currently spending the night at Wi Spa.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack on my way to Wi Spa. My dad wanted to drive even though I offered to drive. I mean there’s a reason why I wanted to drive. My dad’s driving is erratic and crazy. He brakes so hard that my neck would get sore the next day. And his road rage is no joke. Because of my dad, I developed a fear of sitting on passenger seats. Every time I sit on the passenger seats from my friends’ cars, I start to sweat and yelp whenever I feel like I’ll be in danger. Anyways, whenever my dad is driving, I pray to God that He’ll protect me whenever I’m in my dad’s car. But thankfully, we made it to Wi Spa in one peace.


The regular entrance fee is $25 but if you want to stay overnight, you have to pay an extra $10 so in total $35. The front desk workers give you a locker key, sauna shirt, and slippers. Then you go to the separated locker room for men and women and either change into the spa uniform or be fully butt naked for the bath. I took a bath as soon as I entered Wi Spa just because I wanted to get it over with. And then my dad and I met at the common room where the saunas were and just chilled in the ice room since we both hate hot environments.

My mom came around 7pm after work and as soon as she arrived, my dad and I ushered her to the dining area as she was the one who was going to buy our dinner. They have an ample amount of selection of Korean foods such as cold noodles and tofu soup. I ordered tonkatsu while my dad got the spicy pork bulgogi. My mom got eggs and shikae slushie which is a Korean rice punch. When you go to spas in Korea, it’s tradition to order eggs and shikae… or at least that’s what Korean dramas depict.


My tonkatsu order came with a salad, miso soup, and french fries which was a big plus for me. It had a nice panko crusting so it was crunchy and the meat wasn’t tough. The tonkatsu sauce had a tangy sour taste. My dad’s spicy pork was also chewy and it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. And my mom’s eggs… I thought it would be soy sauce marinated egg since it was brown in the inside. But it didn’t use any soy sauce so I don’t know how it came to be brown. But it just tasted like regular eggs and those 3 eggs cost over $5… Not worth it. Spa foods are known to be expensive so I highly recommend you guys to eat dinner outside before you come to the spa to save money.

Now it’s 3:15 am and the old man is still snore-choking.  I really want to plug his nose… I can also hear my dad’s snores among all these other snores. Honestly, I’m never coming back to Wi Spa again. It’s expensive and the overnight experience is horrible. I prefer Imperial Spa which is located in Fullerton. Even though it’s not 24 hours, the bathing area is bigger and in my opinion, better sauna rooms. Man… I’m looking forward to coming back home. I’ll never take my bed for granted ever again.

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