Are Pop Up Museums Even Worth It?

“Why would you want to go to pop up museums when you can go hiking and appreciate Mother Nature.” My coworker’s eyes were full of silent judgement that was making a hole in my head when I told him that I was going to The Pizza Experience. It’s a pop up museum solely dedicated to pizza. I laughed and replied “Well yes hiking is fun too but it’s more fun to take photos of these rooms than nature. Also pop up museums is what makes life and Los Angeles more enjoyable.”

I remember going to my first pop up museum back in May of last year. The Museum of Ice Cream was all the rage and tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes. Luckily, I was able to snatch two tickets online while driving on the freeway. As soon as the ticket site opened, I jammed my finger by pressing the purchase button on my phone. I know I know… I’m not suppose to use my phone while driving but I’m the type of person who needs to get things immediately… which is a bad habit I need to fix… I went to the Museum of Ice Cream with my mother and honestly, we had a great time. Everything was so visually appealing, obviously catered for Instagram. Every room I went, I saw people either taking a selfie or taking Instagram Story of the floating bananas. It was fun and I looked forward to going to another pop up museum.

After the huge success of Museum of Ice Cream, other pop up museums started to appear out of nowhere all over LA. After MOIC, the next big thing was 29Rooms. I also went to 29Rooms with my friends and unlike my experience at MOIC, my experience at 29Rooms was disappointing. I didn’t realize how many people were going to be at the place so I thought we’ll be able to see all the room. Little did I realize that we were only able to check out less than 5 rooms in a span of the 2 hours. After the 2 hours, we were kicked out to make room for the next round of people. The only good thing that came out of that place was our thug photo.

Jackie didn’t get the memo… LOL.

While I’ve been to bigger and more popular ones, I also tried smaller pop up museums that had their own spin on Instagram worthy rooms. I went to the Facade Fun House that was located in The LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa. The venue was small and there was a total of 6 rooms. My friend was adamant on taking on fleek photos of ourselves but sadly, because of the bad lighting, we weren’t able to get flawless photos of ourselves… Or we might have been just butt ugly on that day. There was two rooms where you could throw confetti in the air and get stabbed in the eye by one straggling confetti. But other than that, most of the rooms weren’t “interactive”. It was a mediocre experience but thankfully, the tickets didn’t cost that much so it wasn’t a huge loss for me.

However, after going to three pop up museums, I started to get tired and wary of the idea of pop up museums. Thankfully, The Pizza Experience will be my very last visit to pop up museums and it will mark the end of me going to any of those anymore. I started to notice that these “art” aren’t refined and many of them are hastily and clumsily made. They’re not creative at all and they look like carbon copies of other rooms from different pop up museums. Most rooms consisted of pretty unicorn paint and few tissue paper decorations on the wall and voila, it’s done. Even though it was fun in the beginning, I started to realize that it wasn’t worth my money. First, the tickets for the popular pop up museums are expensive ranging from $35 to $40. Second, the lines are ridiculously long and there’s a time limit on how long you can stay in the room in order to keep the line moving. Third, many of the rooms are just poorly made. I started to feel like some zombie who was just walking into these rooms without any thoughts except to take photos and bounce. Here’s a perfect article that the same coworker sent to me few weeks back.

But I’m glad that I was able to experience these pop up museums because I would have never come to the realization that I would rather be one with nature. Honestly, I’d rather save my money up and spend them on memorable trips to other states or even countries. The experiences of real traveling and experiencing different cultures are far more rewarding and memorable than posing uncomfortably for the “Gram”. Man… if you’re seriously not photogenic then it’s pretty damn hard to take great photos of yourself no matter how pretty the surrounding is.

But if pop up museums are your thing then here’s a list of pop up museums that are currently or will be taking place in LA. As for me, after The Pizza Experience, I will be retiring from the pop up museum scene.

Here’s a list of pop up museums that are taking place in Los Angeles:

The Pizza Experience
Date: October 1 – January 29
Tickets: $30

Date: October 26 – December 23
Tickets: $38

Cheat Day Land
Tickets: $38

Fun Box
Tickets: Ages 4 and younger: free | Ages 5 – 12: $12 | Age 13+: $17

Museum of Illusions
Tickets: $25

Museum of Selfies
Tickets: $25

The super popular 29Rooms is coming back again with fresh new rooms. I will update as soon as they have all the necessary info regarding ticket price and dates.

The Cado
Yup… you guessed it right. It’s a museum dedicated to AVOCADOS. This pop up museum is still in the funding stage but I will update as soon as they have all the final info available.

Here’s a list of previous museums that toured in Los Angeles:

Happy Place
Next Location: Toronto

Next Location: New York City

Museum of Ice Cream
Next Location: San Francisco


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