Intestines, The Best Part of The Cow: Song Hak

Every time I browse on Facebook at night, I come across photos or videos of Daechang (beef big intestines) sizzling on the grill. My stomach starts to growl uncontrollably and my pillow starts to get drenched with drool as I watch the meat cook and ooze with oil. Daechang is my second favorite part of the cow, after chadol, and I always crave it. I dream of jumping into a pool of daechang and eating my way through. My cravings only intensified when I watched one of my favorite Kpop singer, Hwasa, eating gopchang (beef small intestines) in the “I Live Alone” show. After her appearance in the show, everyone flocked to the closest gopchang restaurants they could find and started a gopchang movement. Gopchang was sold out all over South Korea. Not only did she have an effect in Korea, the movement also travelled to SoCal. I went on a hunt to find a gopchang store near me but the closest one I was able to find was Ahgassi Gopchang which is located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. I wanted to find somewhere closer in OC and after many attempts, I failed to find one. Dejected, I crawled back into my bed and went back to Facebook to look longingly at the beautiful daechangs. However, a week later, I saw on my friend’s Instagram Story of gopchangs and I immediately DM’ed her asking where she was. She was at Haksan (now known as Song Hak) and it was located in Cerritos. I immediately made a decision to go and on that same week, I dragged that same friend to Song Hak.


ABOUT: Song Hak was formally known as Hak San but they recently changed ownership and the store name changed but everything else stayed the same. Even though they offer other meats such as pork belly and beef brisket, they are most known for their intestines. They offer four different kind of tripes:

  1. Gopchang: Small beef intestines. Packed with iron and vitamins.
  2. Daechang: Large beef intestines. Very chewy. Low in fat and high in protein.
  3. Makchang: Beef abomasum or reed tripe. Chewy, bouncy texture. Packed with vitamins such as K and B-12 and minerals like iron and zinc.
  4. Teukyang: Mountain chain tripe. Has a chewy and bouncy texture. Low in fat and calories, high in protein, vitamin B-12, zinc

Song Hak offers a combo menu where the customers can choose any three tripes and it comes with corn cheese, steamed egg, and a choice of either soybean paste or kimchi stew. You could order the medium combo order which costs $49.95 and it serves 2 – 3 people or the large which costs $69.95 and it serves 3 – 4 people.


INTERIOR: My friend and I came here 30 minutes after they opened and it was already packed. Thankfully, they had a seat for two people available in the middle of the store. They have 8 or 9 tables in varying sizes inside the store. It’s clean but however, after you eat here, you will reek of meat so Febreze yourself afterwards LOL.

FOOD: We ordered the medium combo and we chose gopchang, daechang, and teukyvng. As for the stew, we chose soybean paste stew since it has a more salty and intense flavor. The medium order came with corn cheese and steamed egg as bonus side dishes. It also came with spicy bean sprouts and another side dish that could’ve been white onion but I’m not sure. They gave us marinated onion and marinated sauce for our meat.


PRICE: Honestly, with the amount they gave us, I wish it was cheaper. In the past, gopchang and daechangs were cheaper compared to other cuts of the meat. However, the demand for intestines rose so as a result, the price increased too. Since Song Hak is the only place that offers quality intestines compared to all you can eat kbbqs, I’m willing to spend $50 for them.

TASTE: OMG as soon as I had the first bite of the daechang, my soul cried with joy. The outside was a little crispy and the inside was so chewy. Even though the inside of the big intestine is pure fat, I didn’t care. For daechang, as long as you eat in moderation and not everyday, then I think it’s fine. Just try to drink hot tea or water with it since cold water could harden up the oil in the inside of the body. The teukyvng was chewier than the daechang but it was so so SO good. As for gopchang, I always try to avoid it since it has a weird paste-y texture inside and I don’t really like anything that has a paste like texture. Also the insides taste weird… I don’t know how to describe it but every time I try gopchang, I regret it. The paste gets stuck in my mouth so I have to clean my mouth with water.

SERVICE: The waiters were nice and they were somewhat attentive since it was so busy inside. They give you a huge white paper to cover your handbags from the oils splattering on them.

CONCLUSION: As I’m writing this post right now, I want to go back again. You don’t know how much I love daechang. It’s to the point where I could marry a butcher so he can bring me intestines home and I could eat it everyday LOOOL. But next time I come to Song Hak, I’m going to omit gopchang and replace it with makchang… Mmm… Maybe I’ll go alone next time so I can have all of it LOL.

Song Hak
11636 Artesia Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701

Mon – Fri: 4pm to 2am
Sat – Sun: 3pm to 2am

They have a limited amount of parking and the place fills up pretty fast so I suggest coming here early. If not, there’s street parking outside.


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