The Best Gift Shop in LA: Wacko Soap Plant

If you’re ever in the LA area and you’re wondering where to get gifts for your friends, I highly recommend checking out Wacko Soap Plant in Los Feliz. It’s hands down the best place to get the most fun and random gifts. They have a huge selection of fun socks, small figurines, funny cards, and more. Even if you’re dead set on not buying anything, I guarantee you that you’ll be walking out of the door with their item in your hand.


So I was at Wacko Soap Plant because they have a gallery inside called La Luz de Jesus Gallery and they had Lonesome Town’s exhibition on display (which you can read more about my experience here). After checking out the gallery, I decided to look around Wacko Soap Plant to get a small gift for my friend. They have some weird items such as Kim Jong Un face mask and Donald Trump toys LOOOL. They also had a wide selection of hilarious greeting cards.

I bought a Furrybones figurine for my friend who is working as a toy designer. Furrybones are small cute skull figurines that are dressed up in animal costumes. Since my toy designer friend collects figurines, I thought it would be a perfect belated birthday gift for her. I also bought a small book where you can make small toy animals out of the templates. I wish I had more time to fully immerse myself in the store but I parked at Goodwill down the street and I wasn’t suppose to park there so I had to bounce LOL.

My collection of the paper toy animals~


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