Hype or Nope #1: Rose City Pizza

Hey guys! Welcome to my new series called “Hype or Nope” where I travel in my poor abused but trusty Civic and try foods from restaurants that the internet goes crazy for and see if they really are worth the hype or not. For my first hype or nope, I went to Rose City Pizza which is known for their weird but innovative pizza. I first came across Rose City Pizza on Facebook and as soon as I saw the juicy al pastor, I was hooked. I mean look at that al pastor, doesn’t it make your mouth water? If it doesn’t then you need to get yourself checked LOL. Not only do they have al pastor pizza, they also have elote pizza LIKE WHAAAT. My good friend, Her Memoirs, tried the elote pizza and she said that I’ll love it. And I trust her recommendations about 80% of the time (don’t kill me if you’re reading this LOL) so when an opportunity arose for me to go to Rose City Pizza, I immediately took it.

ABOUT: Rose City Pizza first opened its doors in July 2009 and they are known for their New York style pizza. I believe the al pastor and the elote are their best selling items. At least that’s what it seems like after Insider did a video about those two pizzas. If you want to know more about Rose City Pizza and its history, you can go here.


There were cool artworks inside the store. My favorite is the one where Mario is cutting the mushroom and Toad is screaming in horror.

FOOD: Since there were 9 people in our group and everyone was starving, we ordered 3 large pizzas, pizza fries, chili spaghetti, and hot wings. According to Rose City Pizza, the large feeds 4 to 5 people while the medium feeds 3 to 4 people. I didn’t want to take any chance and have people still hangry so I ordered 3 large. Of course, we had to order the large al pastor pizza since that’s what made Rose City Pizza famous. We also ordered one large half meaty, half alfredo chicken and one large half elote, half bbq chicken. I know it seems like we ordered a lot but trust me, it wasn’t enough.

PRICE: I think the price is pretty decent for the size of the pizza. The large pizza is 16 inches and it costs $20. Of course, it’s not cheap like regular pizza franchises such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s but their pizzas are unique so in my opinion, it’s worth the price.

TASTE: The first food that came out was the chili spaghetti and it was mediocre. There wasn’t a lot of chili and the tomato sauce was very mild. It tasted like any regular spaghetti so nothing special there. The next one was pizza fries and I was able to get one bite before all the guys swooped in with their forks and inhaled the fries. The fries were well seasoned and it’s just basically what you would expect, pizza toppings on a bed of fries. Finally, the pizzas arrived one by one. As soon as the pizza landed on the table, I saw a group of hands reaching out for a slice and in a blink of an eye, the pizza was gone. But it’s all good because I managed to get the slices I wanted, the al pastor and the elote.

The elote pizza was actually quite disappointing. It didn’t have much of an impact and it clearly lacked flavor. It needed more spicy mayo and chili powder. They should really add lime juice as one of the ingredients because it would’ve made the pizza tangy like a real elote. I was expecting sweet corn but it was the type of corn where the skin is thick and chewy and it doesn’t really have a particular taste. If they used sweet corn then it would’ve made the pizza better with the sweet and savory. I regret not getting crushed hot cheetos as topping for the elote pizza. It would have made the flavor more interesting and lively.

BUUUT everything got better when I bit into the al pastor pizza. Lately, I’ve been on an al pastor high from all my taco truck adventures and I was craving al pastor badly. OH MY GAWD, the al pastor meat was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had. Like you can’t even compare the RCP’s al pastor with the al pastor from taco trucks. It was so juicy and plump and the seasoning was 110%. The juice from the pineapple mixed with the juice for the perfectly seasoned pork. I really appreciated how they added sliced radishes on the pizza. It’s seriously all about the details. And Rose City Pizza nailed it.

Pizza Fries
Large Half Meaty, Half Alfredo Chicken
Large Half Elote, Half BBQ Chicken
Large Al Pastor Pizza… I had to quickly take a photo before Bowas succeeded in getting a slice.


HYPE OR NOPE: I think I found my new favorite pizza shop! I really liked how Rose City Pizza thinks outside the box with their pizzas. Some of their creations like the al pastor and the elote are pretty creative and makes them stand out from the rest. But I think it’s really worth the hype if you’re going to go there for the al pastor pizza. Everyone from my group LOVED the al pastor pizza. However, as for the elote pizza, it honestly wasn’t that spectacular but I think it’s worth getting since I’m pretty sure not a lot of people tried an elote pizza. Next time, I’ll try adding on hot cheetos and maybe that’ll enhance the flavor. Overall, the prices are very reasonable and parking was a breeze. Rose City Pizza gets an A+ in my heart <3.

Rose City Pizza | Menu
3588 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770


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