My First Solo Female Travel

Hey guys, I have some pretty exciting news to share! I will be going on my first solo female trip to Portland tomorrow! Few weeks ago, I spontaneously bought a plane ticket to Portland as I was wanderlusting over it. Now that I have the time to travel and take a break, I decided this is the perfect opportunity to go to Hipster Utopia. I’ve actually been to Portland three years back for a school field trip but I was very limited on where I was able to go. Multnomah Falls was first on to go list but unfortunately, time was very limited and I wasn’t able to go.

But since I have all the time now, I’m able to go anywhere I want! I will also be visiting other places I’ve been wanting to go such as the Japanese Garden and the International Rose Test Garden… well, the latter is a maybe since it’s Fall. But I’m looking forward to beautiful deep red and orange leaves lining up the sidewalk. I don’t know why Portland has always been in my heart. Maybe it’s because I visited there once and it wasn’t California so maybe that’s why I like it. But I’m excited to share you guys photos of my trips and the awesome foods I will try over there. This will be my first ever travel alone and I’m happy that I’ll be able to fill my blog with real travel. Pray for me that I’ll have safe travel and I hope you guys are looking forward to my adventure too!

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