Night Full of Jack O’ Lanterns: Pumpkin Nights LA

Happy Halloween guys! Hope you guys will have a great night either trick or treating or having a lit Halloween party (insert fire emoticon here LOL). To be honest though, I’m not really a fan of Halloween. The last time I trick or treated was back when I was 6 years old. After some incident, I never went trick or treating again. Also I’m not a huge fan of chocolates and candies. I mean I do eat them occasionally but I realized I’m not into sweets. But even though I’m not into the Halloween spirit, there’s one thing I look forward to every year and that is pumpkin carving.

I know this will contradict the previous statement but I’m actually not a fan of pumpkin. Well to be more specific, I don’t like pumpkin pie or any food that is associated with pumpkin. I never really got used to the gooey texture of pumpkin pie and don’t get me started with pumpkin spice latte. Gag. BUT with pumpkin carving, it’s different. Even though it could get real moist and nasty when I gut out the pumpkin, the process of carving is actually really fun. It’s really soothing to put all your focus on carving out a clean shape and just watching your masterpiece come to life. And I just love looking at what other people carved and their creativity behind it. And a perfect place that reflected my same interest and curiousity of pumpkin carving was Pumpkin Nights LA.

I bought three tickets for Pumpkin Nights LA so I can go together with my parents. Of course, my dad drove and I was on the edge the whole time. When we arrived at Fairplex, there were huge amount of cars lining up to get into the parking lot. I didn’t think that Pumpkin Nights would be that popular. But apparently, there were 3 events happening on the Fairplex ground at the same time: Oktoberfest, some motorcycle race, and Pumpkin Nights LA. The parking lot was packed and we had to park in the way back, 10 minutes away from the entrance.

I was genuinely surprised how well executed Pumpkin Nights LA was. To be honest, I thought it was going to be just mediocre. Just FYI though, the pumpkins aren’t real. If it was real then the whole place would’ve stunk like rotten pumpkin because of the recent hot weather. Anyways, each and every one of them were carved out well. I mean it was obvious that they lasercut all the fake pumpkins but some of them were creative like the octopus and the dragon. A lot of people were waiting in line to take photos with some of the creations. All in all, I had a great time with my family and I look forward to spending more time with my parents.











The Cho Family~

BONUS STORY: Also this past week, I carved my second pumpkin with my church friends. We tried going to Whole Foods to get our pumpkins since they were selling it for cheap but unfortunately, all the good ones were taken. So we migrated to Trader Joe’s and to our delight, we found that they had a huge amount of pumpkins only for $2.99 each! So we hurriedly grabbed the best ones we can find and off we went to carve out our pumpkins.


Enoch was super focused on his pumpkin and he tried to explode it but failed lol

Everyone was super focused on trying to carve out their masterpiece. Enoch was the first one to finish and we thought he would carve out something anime related since he’s obsessed with anime. To my surprise, he carved out a regular face and tried to light the pumpkin on fire so he could make it explode. To his disappointment, it failed. In the meantime, the other girls and I were busy carving away.

Nahyun’s goal was to carve out Tinkerbell and her efforts paid off because it came out really good! It legit looked like Tinkerbell. It was Zoey’s first time carving out pumpkin since she just came from Korea few months back and it was her first time experiencing America’s Halloween culture. In the beginning, she was having a difficult time thinking of what to carve but in the end, she carved out Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas which came out really well also. Ssang originally wanted to carve out a zombie face but she accidentally cut off the nose so she improvised to a skull. Even though there were some struggles, we all had a great time carving out our plump fat pumpkins. At least that’s what I hope… I took mine home so I could show it to my mom since she loves those kind of stuff. I told my dad that our family is going to pumpkin carve together next Halloween. He didn’t look too excited though lol.

My beautiful masterpiece! I carved out the Catbus from Totoro~
From left to right: Zoey’s, Mine, Ssang’s, Nahyun’s
This was my masterpiece from 2016… As you can tell, I’m obsessed with cats


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