Day 2 of Portland

My second day of Portland came around but things didn’t go according to plan.


In my previous post, I said I was excited to go to Multnomah Falls since that would be the highlight of my whole trip. Well… about that… So I took the tram that lead to the falls but I read on the website that Multnomah Falls was closed after the huge fire during the previous summer. (Later, I found out that I misread the information and Multnomah Falls was indeed open… I didn’t even enough time left on my trip to visit MF so it was a big fat fail on my part…) So I was pretty bummed out since I was looking forward to seeing the waterfall. Instead, I made a detour and decided to go to The Grotto.



After my visit to The Grotto, I rode the bus to one of Portland’s popular food carts, Cartopia. They’re located in the corner of SE 12th Ave and SE Hawthorne and it’s just a cluster of food carts together. When I went there, half of the food carts weren’t open but thankfully, Chicken and Guns was opened. I ordered the quarter bird and guns (crispy potatoes) with chimichurri sauce. The chicken had a nice smokey flavor on the outside and it was juicy on the inside. The sour taste of the chimichurri sauce paired up nicely with the chicken. The potatoes were also sour and super crispy. I also ordered poutine from Potato Champion because I felt like eating more potatoes and I love french fries (Surprise, I’m a fatass). The poutine was honestly mediocre; there was nothing special about it. It’s just good ol’ poutine. The gravy was really savory with a distinct strong flavor. The french fries were soggy even the ones that weren’t touching the sauce. The cheese curds were a bit salty but they were very bouncy and chewy.



In order to stay awake from my food coma, I went to Powell’s Books to browse at their large selection of books.



I took a nap at the hostel and around 8pm, I went to go eat dinner at Luc Lac. I ordered one of their specials, Luc Lac. It consisted of cubed beef tenderloin seasoned with hennessy, beurre de france, garlic, and black peppercorn. The beef tenderloin was very tender and juicy and paired nicely with sour dipping sauce. I liked how there was salad to balance out the meat. However, I didn’t really dig the tomato rice since I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes. I also ordered the chicken wings which was seasoned with fish sauce and garlic. Just a heads up, fish sauce in general has a very strong and sweet semi-fishy taste so take caution.



To end the night, I went to Portland aerial tram to soak in the beautiful cityscape of Portland.


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