Female Solo Travel (Kinda): Seattle (More Info Based)

Originally, I planned to go to Seattle last year of January with my OTIS friends but due to last minute circumstances, I wasn’t able to make it. So this past December, I decided to really commit to go to Seattle and see my good friend, Sharon. Before I start telling you of my adventures, here are some information (hopefully useful) about how I got there blahblahblah okay let’s get to it.


I usually look through Kayak to find the best price on flights but this time, I used Google Flights as they are better at finding cheaper prices than Kayak. At first, I thought four days would be sufficient but however, I decided to stay for three days. I remember my OTIS friends who did go to Seattle last year said there wasn’t much to do. And I wasn’t able to get more paid vacation days off as my workplace doesn’t have the greatest benefits *cough*cheap*cough*. Anyhoo, I set my trip dates as January 24 through 26, which was Friday through Sunday. The total cost came out to be $156.59. I’m pretty sure if I have gotten my tickets for a Tuesday or Wednesday, it would have been cheaper.

Here’s a comparison from the 2019 flights (Jan 18-23) and 2020 flights (Jan 24-26):

January 18-23, 2019: $162.41

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 12.36.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-29 at 12.36.23 PM.png

January 24-26, 2020: $156.59

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 12.48.06 PM

Getting to LAX

Few days before my Seattle trip, I reserved a valet parking spot for my car at Courtyard Marriott LAX through SpotHero. It was super convenient to reserve and the price to park your car for 3 days wasn’t bad at all. Compared to getting a ride from Uber at my place all the way to LAX, reserving a spot was relatively cheaper. The whole process was straightforward and I had no difficulty getting to LAX and coming back to my car. *Just remember if you took a hotel shuttle bus, you have to go up to the departing flights area as LAX doesn’t allow these buses in the arrival section anymore. I highly recommend reserving your parking spot as I am planning to do this again for my May trip to Tennessee.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 12.55.19 PM.png


I was confident that I was able to get my friend’s house as I’m pretty good at reading maps and taking public transportation. After arriving at Seattle-Tacoma airport which, by the way, was surprisingly small compared to LAX. I was surprised to see the waiting floors for departure were pretty tiny and compact. But anyways, following the sign to LINK light rail, I walked about 10 minutes until I reached the station. I bought an ORCA card which is similar to a TAP card in Los Angeles. The card cost $5 to purchase and I added $10 into the card as I thought I was going to use public transportation a lot. (I didn’t). I rode the LINK light train all the way to Pioneer Square and let me tell you, Seattle has some weird ass people and a lot of homeless people.


Before I went to Seattle, I checked the weather to see how it was going to be like and it said it was going to sprinkle on Friday. And for me, sprinkle meant really really light rain which I was totally fine with. But man, I was wrong. As soon as I got out of the train station to Pioneer Square, it started to pour and I started to panic. With my soaking wet phone, I hurriedly tried to find the bus station that I needed to get to my friend’s house. I was finally able to find it after 5 minutes and I waited and waited for the bus to come. I looked at my phone and it said that the 41 bus already left and I was like WTF. When a random bus stopped, I quickly asked the driver where the 41 bus to something street was and he said I was in the wrong bus stop and that I had to go to the one across me. Mind you, I was waiting for the bus for 15 minutes with my clothes wet and my ass freezing from the cold.

Dragging my wet luggage, I walked across to the correct bus stop and waited for 15 long freezing minutes. The bus finally came and thankfully I was able to find a spot as seating was ample. But as soon as we stopped to the next stop, a guy who kinda looked like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame came and sat right next to me. Mind you, there was a lot of seating inside this bus but yet, he had to sit next to me. I honestly wouldn’t mind the guy sitting next to me but the smell of rotten piss was really overwhelming. And I had to endure this ride for more than 30 minutes until I wasn’t able to take it anymore and I changed seats. As soon as I left my seat, he immediately hogged the whole row with his legs stretched out on the seats.

Finally, it arrived at my stop. I was relieved that I was almost to my friend’s place before realizing I had to walk a quarter mile more. With the rain pouring again, I dragged my luggage and walked for 10 minutes to her place.

In conclusion, the freezing rain and the smell of rotten piss made it one miserable trip.


Thankfully, I was able to stay at my friend’s place so I was able to save money. But the funny thing is my friend told me her roommates were aware that I was coming to drop off my luggage but they didn’t know that I was going to crash at the place. So the duration of my stay, I had to sneak into an extra empty room inside the basement and hope that no one saw me. But the thing was every time I stepped down into the basement, the wooden floor squeaked. And usually, I’m a person who doesn’t really care about much things but man, every squeak made me almost get a heart attack.

First day of sleeping there, I woke up to a text message of my friend saying to hurry up and come into her room as the homeowner was about to come. I freaked out and gathered my belongings. I tried to make the room look exactly how it was, untouched and no evidence of a person sleeping in there. I even adjusted the clock to the current time as the night before I took out the battery because the ticking was way too loud. And I just booked it outside of that room. I almost ate the floor because I slipped on the stairs. As I was running towards my friend’s room, I saw a figure coming inside the house and I freaked out more and ran as fast I can. Fortunately, it wasn’t the homeowner and it was one of her roommates and he didn’t see me running… hopefully lol. But anyways that day my heart almost burst.

It was a similar situation on my second and last night there. I had to sneak into the same room as I slept before and hoped that no one heard me going in. But to be honest, I’m 90% sure that her roommates knew that I was staying over. Literally, my footsteps were so damn loud so I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew I was there. Definitely, staying at my friend’s house was a very interesting experience for me. “Free Accommodation!” like my friend said. Would I do it again? HAHAHA no. But I’m really thankful that she let me crash at her place.

*Okay, after reading through this, this post contains 10% info and 90% story LOOOL. So I guess it’s not useful at all. But hopefully, it was entertaining to read.*

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