Quarantine Thoughts #27: Baby Steps

During this quarantine, I realized how much waste I’m producing just by ordering online orders alone. I always knew my way of living wasn’t sustainable and great for the environment but I didn’t realize the severity of my unsustainable living until being in lockdown. I’m not going to lie but I’ve been ordering a ridiculous amount online and to be honest, most of them were impulse purchases. This is something I really need to learn on about managing my budget well but not only that, learn more about sustainable living. 

As I continue to be shocked about how much waste I’m creating with my online orders (unfortunately, they’re still on the way), I wanted to learn more about sustainable living and how I can move towards a realistic zero-waste living. I realized a huge part of zero-waste living is living a minimalistic lifestyle. In America, bigger is better and more is better. And this recent pandemic shows how true my statement rings. People have been unnecessarily hoarding toilet papers and food items when in reality, America has enough products for everyone. But staying on point, I definitely do struggle with living a minimal life. 

Currently, I’m reading a book called “101 Ways to Go Zero Waste” I bought on Amazon Kindle store. By the way, if you love reading, buying a Kindle is a way to go because: 

1. You’re not harming any trees by purchasing paper books.

2. Kindle books are way cheaper than buying physical books.

3. The compact size of Kindle means you can carry it with ease rather than carrying a heavy, bulky book.

4. You save space in your house which leads to a cleaner and more minimal house. 

4. You have the whole library in this one device.

Of course, I’m not ruling out the fact that producing Kindles also creates pollution because let’s face it, a lot of the items that we use today creates waste. But trying to look at the bright side of me trying to transition from waste cluttered life to zero waste life. Or at least be mostly zero waste and minimalistic. Anyways, I don’t know why I keep on going off track. 

My first step was purchasing United by Blue’s packable totes. I’ll write a separate post (linked here) about this wonderful company as I fully support their mission of using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing. But continuing on, I bought two of their packable totes for the purpose of using them as shopping bags. And so far, they have been perfect. Not only the designs are aesthetically pleasing but they are very durable. I was able to carry over 5 lbs. worth of groceries without ripping on me. And I love how it’s packable and it has a triangle carabiner that can be attached to your bag so you don’t forget. A lot of times, I forget to bring my other reusable bag and most times, I leave the store with a store bought plastic bags which is a no-no.

Maybe I’ll make a separate post later in the future about which areas I’m currently making a transition to sustainable living and the reusable items that I bought to replace one time use items. To be honest, learning more about sustainable living is kind of fun. And I think it should be fun to encourage more people to join. I feel like there are some people who practice sustainability judge those who are just starting out. I don’t know if it’s just me feeling that but I feel like they look down on us thinking sustainability is a trend and we should all hop onto on that bandwagon. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. People who really try sustainable living because of trends are at least learning about it. Anyways, like I said, tiny steps can have big impact.


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