United By Blue #1: Utility Crossbody

In my previous posts, I professed my love of United By Blue. They are a great brand to support as every item purchased, they get rid of 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways. Not only do they give back to the community, they have some really awesome products such as their bags. While browsing through their product selections, I wanted to buy all of their bags but thankfully, I was able to restrain myself… I kid myself. I bought 5 of their bags which I do not regret at all.


The first bag that caught my attention was their Utility Crossbody. I am a sucker for crossbody as totes and shoulder bags handles are too small for my thick arms (brb crying). I just really liked how simple it was and it looked perfect to use for quick errands. Not only did I like the simplicity and the minimalistic design of the bag, another thing that sold me was the organization.


Even the bag looks tiny but don’t be fooled by its small size. It can hold a surprising amount of items. Let’s get into the details, shall we? The bag has two exterior zipper compartments and a slide pocket in the back. In front of the bag, there is a zipper compartment where I store my small hand sanitizer and chapstick in there. In the slide pocket, I usually store my pads and sometimes paper materials such as receipts, small pamphlets, etc.

When you open the bag, it has an accordion layout with a zipper compartment at the center to separate the two other compartments. In the bigger compartment, I’m able to put my wallet, keys, and bluetooth earbuds. Receipts, cash, or coins goes inside the zipper compartment as they are thin. The smaller compartment with the card slot wall is sometimes occupied with my phone. I don’t use the card slots as they are tiny bit too big so my cards get hidden inside. Behind the card slots is a slide pocket and you can store cash or anything you like in there.

On the strap, there is a single aluminum carabiner and you can attach a hand sanitizer or a small flashlight. I attach my reusable packable tote on it so if I ever need to go grocery shopping, I’m covered. Generally, I don’t usually carry a lot of things inside my bags as I am very low maintenance so this bag size was perfect for me. I usually use my Nike sling bag for errands but that doesn’t have as much organization as this bag does. I like keeping my items organized so I think this will be my new errand bag.


When I first touched the bag, I knew that it was going to last me a long time. The fabric felt sturdy and strong. Definitely, it’s not going to tear easily. The bag is made with recycled polyester with water repellent finish. There is thick interior padding all around the bag which ensures me that none of my items are going to get damaged. The zippers are YKK brand which is known for smooth zippers. The zippers does not snag at all and it’s VERY smooth. Brown leather is tied onto the zippers to make it easier to open the bag.

Brown leather is also used for tabs. The brown leather really complements the black bag and adds a pop of color which is really nice. The strap is pretty durable too as there wasn’t any fraying on the edges.

Not only am I impressed with the materials that were used to create this bag, I also impressed with the build of this bag. There wasn’t any stray string poking out and the stitching is consistent throughout. For their bags, United By Blue partnered up with a manufacturing company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and on their website, they partnered up with this manufacturer as they are known for their craftsmanship. And judging from the bag, I believe them. It’s very well made and I know it’s going to last for a long time.


• Durable and sturdy so it’s going to last a long time
• A lot of pockets and organization
• Has a carabiner so I can attach my packable tote
• Price was pretty okay as I got it with a discount code

• Card slots are too big so the cards get hidden.
• Wish they added another zipper to the main compartment so I don’t have to unzip my bag all the way to get something.

I just realized how long my review is LOL. I think it’ll be best if I separate my purchases into their own blog post to prevent it from getting dragged out.


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