Quarantine Thoughts #30: Quarantine Quirks

Few nights ago, I was taking a dump at 3am in the morning and I was just sitting there thinking about life and other things. “What the hell did I eat today for me to take a dump 5 times?” “I wonder how my friends are doing.” “Man… I wanna travel so bad right now.” The thoughts went on and on and on. For me, random thoughts always lead to some pretty interesting ideas or revelations. And for some reason, I come up with great ideas while I’m on the toilet which is so weird but I ain’t complaining. So as I was sitting there doing my own business, my thoughts led me to quarantine and how crazy I was going because of this lockdown. And I’m not the only one who’s going crazy. A lot of people are doing weird things while being on lockdown like doing stupid pranks and dancing their life away on Tik Tok LOL. This all led to an AHA moment for me. What if I create an Instagram page that

So a quick summary of Quarantine Quirks is that it’s going to be a collection of wacky things people do during this quarantine. Not only will I be sharing weird things that I do, I’ll also be sharing weird things that other people do too. My hope is that people will start joining me and share their quirky things. They could either comment or DM me and I would create their QQ and tag them. I know that everyone is suffering while being on this quarantine and I thought it would be a good temporary outlet for people to laugh and just be able to relate to some of these things that others are sharing. I want them to be like “LOOOL omg I do this all the time now” and tag their friends to share and bond over this experience. Quarantine Quirks is a creative outlet for me during this time as it helps me not to get stressed and worried about this pandemic.

If you guys want to share, head over to the Quarantine Quirk IG and comment on the posts with your quirks! I would love to hear about them and share them on the feed!
Here’s an example of how it’s going to look like. Let’s have fun quarantining together!

02_Number 2-02

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