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I am in no way or form a professional skin expert. If I was, I wouldn’t even have so many blackheads on my nose. I would have flawless skin BUUUT I am just a skincare enthusiast who loves K-beauty. My skin isn’t the same as yours because we are all unique. Everyone has a different skin type and concerns. What works for me may not work for you. All information on this blog is based on my experience and is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only.


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All reviews that are posted on this blog are solely based on my experience and how my skin reacts to the products. Information about products and the ingredients are not from my own knowledge but from thorough internet research.


Like I said, all the reviews are based on MY experiences so please know that I am not responsible for any problems that arise from using a product that I reviewed. If you get a rash or breakouts from the product, that is not my responsibility. So whenever you read my review, please always keep in mind that the same product may not bring the same results to you.

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