Well Hello There!

Hi guys! My name is Michelle and I am a total K-beauty junkie, specifically skincare. I decided to start a blog about Korean beauty products because they are innovative and their packaging is really cute. I always wanted to start a K-beauty blog so now is the time!

In my blog, I will do reviews of various K-beauty products, whether it’s cult favorites or lesser known brands. My price range for these products will be around $30 and maybe $50 at most, if I think the product is really interesting. But I generally will do reviews on affordable skincare because I ain’t rich and boujee #sadlyfe. But who knows there might occasionally be a treat and I might just go crazy and impulse buy expensive products LOL jks I hope not… I’m too po-po. Anyways, there will also be a sprinkle of American beauty products too. Since I’m an adventurous person, I’ll provide a lot of reviews about various products since I’m not the type to stay committed to one product… I swear I don’t have commitment issue tho LOL.

I’ll be posting my reviews every Monday (and occasionally, Wednesday and Friday) so swing by to check out what reviews I have! Hopefully my reviews can help others who are contemplating if they should make the purchase or not. Of course, the reviews are based solely on my personal experience and it may be different from yours. All the products on my reviews are paid by my own money so I am not sponsored. And if I am, I will let you guys know in every review. Anyhoo~ hope you guys enjoy my blog. Thank you!

I just want to give you guys a short background of my skin.
Skin type: combination that leans more towards oily, my skin could handle harsher formulas (I think LOL)
Skin concerns: blackheads, pigmentation, redness